Part time jobs during your study in the UK

Being an international student is an exciting opportunity. Students get to interact with a whole new country, its culture, its people as well as its education system. 

On the other hand, students also get to be independent, self-sufficient and responsible adults during this time. 

However, studying abroad is not as easy as it seems. For most international students, the cost of living as well as the tuition is quite high and thus international study can become a financial burden very quickly.

One way to not only reduce financial costs, but also experience independence more fully, is to get a part-time job during your stay. 

Every country has its own requirements and rules regarding part time work during study. For the UK, most students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week, which means that most students can take up a part time job to bear living expenses. 

Here are some of the most popular, well-paying and well-suited part time jobs for international students in the UK:


An administrator role is essentially an office job that involves taking care of day-to-day working by taking phone calls, greeting visitors, sending emails, managing schedules, etc. 

It is an easy job for those with good time management and organisational skills. Furthermore, this job will expose you to an office/corporate environment, which is a big advantage for the future. 

Most employers pay around 9.97 Euros per hour on average for an administrator role. 

Call Centre Agent

Similar to call centre roles in India, a call centre agent in the UK would be expected to make calls, take inquiries, solve customer complaints, process orders and applications, etc. 

This job is well-suited for socially comfortable students who are good with people and are happy with interacting with a lot of people. 

This role would also allow for flexible working hours which is a huge plus point for any student balancing work and study. On average, call centre employees are paid up to 11.13 Euros per hour in the UK.


As a housekeeper, a student could be required to clean living areas, wash and fold laundry, organise rooms and change linens and maintain household appliances

This job is perfect for students who do not want to work from behind a desk and would rather be on their feet and work with their hands. 

Furthermore, this can be a simple, flexible role for students who have experience with chores or who have an eye for organisation, cleanliness and details. 

Most housekeeper roles in the UK pay about 9.42 Euros per hour on average. 

Private Tutor

One of the most high paying jobs for part-time students, a private tutoring role allows students to use their expertise in certain subjects and coach others in that field

Students that have special skills sets, or have experience in teaching and education are perfect for this role. 

Furthermore, students that want to get into the education field and enjoy interacting with learners can also enjoy this job immensely. 

As mentioned before, this job is also well-paying and average salaries can go up to 21.28 Euros per hour in the UK, based on expertise and skill. 

Warehouse Operative

A warehouse operative is essentially a worker responsible for picking and packing stock for delivery, loading products into trucks, keeping inventory and organising the warehouse. 

Students who do not want a desk job and would rather have a more hands-on experience can opt for this type of role. 

Furthermore, if you are a fitness enthusiast and good with physical labour, this job will be ideal for you. Most companies pay up to 10.08 Euros per hour for the job of warehouse operative. 


One of the most popular part time jobs for international students is working as a barista in a cafe, tasked with preparing beverages, taking orders and payments, serving food, cleaning and organising work areas and helping customers with their orders

Students who are good with social skills and would like to interact with a variety of different people can find this job very enjoyable. 

Similarly, students with an interest in the food business would also be suitable for this role. Most cafes or eateries in the UK pay up to 9.47 Euros per hour for the role of a barista. 


Studying abroad can be a big financial burden for many students. 

Getting a part time job allows the students to cover their living costs easily while also encouraging them to become more independent and responsible as people. 

There are plenty of part time jobs available for students in the UK, most of which pay well and allow flexibility in the work schedules. 

Each job would not only allow the students to learn but would also expose them to a different professional environment and give them specific skills that would be of use later in life. 

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