Most popular locations to study in the US

The US has been an extremely popular destination for students of all kinds, especially in case of higher education. While most American citizens choose to study in their own country, there are more than a million international students each year who choose to leave their home country and study in the US.

There are various reasons as to why someone would decide to complete their higher studies in America. It is home to some of the most highly ranked and prestigious universities in the world, all of which offer a wide variety of courses and the best faculty available. 

Furthermore, the multicultural environment, the abundance of beautiful nature, the high standard of living and the possibility of an international career are all motivating factors too. However, there are certain cities even within the US that stand out by the sheer amount of international students they attract. Here are 6 such most popular locations to study in the US:

New York

The Big Apple is the most obvious high ranking city on the list, given how it seems to have everything a student could dream of. New York is home to more than nine universities ranked in the top 800, with numerous prestigious institutions in the city, such as New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University and many more. New York also offers students an unparalleled experience of art, music, culture and lots more. This vibrant city is a treasure trove of memorable experiences waiting to be discovered. New York ranks 20th on the Best Student Cities index and is therefore a worthy contender on the list. 


The Golden State is another extremely popular place that attracts tons of international students every year. Known for its history in gold mining, California is home to a rich culture and a diverse, multicultural population. Apart from its sunny weather, its beautiful hills and valleys and multiple tourist attractions, there are also numerous top universities located in the state. University of Southern California, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology are all extremely highly ranked and are very popular among international students. 


Most people might not associate Texas with higher education, since the state has a reputation for being a relaxed countryside. However, there are seven universities in Texas that rank highly on world rankings. It is also the home of many Fortune 500 companies and offers some top educational courses. University of Texas, Austin, Baylor University, Trinity University, etc. are some top colleges that students aspire to study in. Apart from this, the agreeable weather and the affordable cost of living are also lucrative. 


Boston is another obvious contender on the list, given its numerous prestigious institutes that are famous all over the world. Home to colleges like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Northeastern University and many more, Boston has a reputation for being an educational hub. Furthermore, being the largest and the oldest city in the US, Boston is full of rich and diverse culture and important monuments that students might be fascinated by. 

Washington DC

The capital of America, known for its grand monuments and significant history, is also a great place for international students. Home to top universities such as The George Washington University, Howard University, Catholic University of America, and more, Washington offers students a chance to avail a top class education while also understanding the socio-political reality of the country. 


Perhaps unexpected on the list, the Steel City often flies under the radar because it is not very well known to the rest of the world. However, it has proved to be a popular place for international students to flock to for a quality education. Home to highly ranked universities like Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, etc. this city offers much more than just good colleges. Its industrial importance and vibrant culture are also very attractive to international students. 

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