Study MBBS in Australia

Australia has recently emerged as one of the most popular countries for international students to complete their MBBS degrees in. Apart from Australian universities being highly ranked for medical courses, there are many other reasons that make Australia a lucrative place for medical students. An MBBS completed in Australia is valid in India and is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), which allows Indian students the opportunity to study abroad and still return home if they want to. 

On the other hand, Australia has high demand for doctors, especially general practitioners  and hence the salaries paid to doctors in Australia are among the highest in the world. This means that those students that choose to settle abroad have a chance at a successful and exciting career in the medical profession. Here is all you need to know about the requirements and costs of completing MBBS in Australia: 

MBBS Requirements

There are two ways in which international students can apply for MBBS in Australia. Firstly, they can apply for a dual degree (MBBS) i.e. a BMed along with an MD. This method is for those that have completed their 12th grade or equivalent education, with maths, chemistry, biology and physics as compulsory subjects. Furthermore, individual universities would also have additional eligibility criteria such as minimum percentage scored in 12th, compulsory subjects taken, etc. 


On the other hand, students can also apply directly for MD. This method is suitable for those that already have a Bachelor’s degree. Those opting for this option might have to provide test scores of the GAMSAT or MCAT exam. Individual universities would have set criteria regarding the minimum test scores as well as the field of Bachelor’s degree for admission eligibility. 

Apart from test scores and qualifications, international students would also be required to prove their proficiency in the English language by submitting IELTS or TOEFL scores. For most universities, the minimum acceptable score for IELTS is 6.5 to 7.0, while that for TOEFL is 80 to 100.

MBBS Costs


While calculating costs of studying in Australia, it is important to take into consideration the costs that are incurred even before arriving there. These include costs for college applications, visa fees, as well as the various tests needed to get admissions. These costs might also increase, depending on visa requirements such as health insurance, vaccinations, etc. Here is the basic list of pre-arrival costs, calculated for years 2021-22:

Fee  Amount (AUD)
College application fees  100-150
IELTS  330-370
TOEFL  280
MCAT  320
Visa application  580

Tuition Fees

The average cost of completing MBBS in Australia ranges from approximately 63,800 to 95,754 AUD per year for international students. The tuition cost, naturally, varies according to which university you choose to attend. Furthermore, in case students have scholarships, their tuition fees are reduced and hence would depend on the type and amount of the scholarship. Here is a list of tuition costs per annum for MBBS courses in Australia’s most popular universities, calculated for years 2021-22. 

UniversityTuition fee (AUD)
University of Melbourne  95,750
University of Sydney  80,000
Monash University  79,700
UNSW University  76,000
University of Queensland  81,150
ANU  84,155
University of Adelaide  76,000
University of Western Australia  79,700
University of Newcastle  76,300
Deakin University  63,800

Cost of Living

Cost of living for international students depends upon their accommodation, transport as well food. Apart from this, the costs vary according to the other activities, entertainment events, etc. that the students choose to indulge in as well as cost of utilities, groceries, etc. Cost of accommodation is usually the biggest cost, especially in expensive cities like Melbourne and Adelaide. Here is a list of the average costs of living per month for all major factors in the main cities of Australia, calculated for years 2021-22:

CityAccomodation (AUD)Food (AUD)Transport (AUD)Others (AUD)
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