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Going to study abroad for higher education is an exciting prospect and can be an extremely rewarding experience. By venturing out of their comfort zones, students not only gain quality education at top universities but also become independent and responsible adults, prepared for the professional world. However, getting admitted into a good university is simply the beginning of a long process, of which getting a Student Visa approved is an important part. Here is all you need to know about getting a student Visa for the UK:

Types of student visas for UK

There are three main types of student visas in the UK. 

The first is a Child Student Visa, which is required for foreign students between the ages of 4 to 17 years, who wish to complete their elementary or secondary education in the UK.

The second type of student visa is a Short Term Student Visa, which is required for foreign students that are going to the UK to complete an English language course for a duration less than 11 months.

The third, and most common type of visa is the General Student Visa. This visa is the one required by foreign students above the age of 16 years, who wish to complete their higher education in the UK. 

Most students travelling to the UK to study in universities there are eligible for this type of visa. 

Get a detailed overview of all visa categories here.  

Application process for student visa for UK

Here are the steps for the application process:

Choose the your visa

Before starting the application process, students should go through all the student visa types as mentioned earlier to determine which category they fall into. This will finalise which type of visa they need to apply for. It is important to be clear about which category visa they require, since each category has its own application processes.

You can check which visa category you fall into here

Prepare your application 

Once the visa category has been decided, these are the steps and pointers to keep in mind during the application process. Learn more about the steps here.

  1. All visa applications and payments can be done online through the official government website for the same. 
  2. For general student visas, the international student can apply up to 3 months before the start date of the selected course. 
  3. Each visa requires a fee which has to be paid at the time of application. Currently, the fee for Indian students applying for a student visa is 36,095 INR. Calculate your visa fees here.
  4. Once the visa fee is paid, students must also pay for healthcare as part of their application. This cost also depends on the duration of your stay. Get details about healthcare surcharges here
  5. After paying for healthcare, the last step of the application is the TB test. Any student wishing to stay in the UK for more than 6 months requires a negative TB test as part of the application. 

Prove your identity

Once the application process and initial requirements have been completed, it is time to provide proof of identity and other necessary documents. Get a complete overview of this process here.  

The first step to getting the application processed is to get an appointment with a visa application centre in your country and setting up an appointment for the same. You can find application centres near you here

Once the appointment is confirmed, you would need to provide the following:

  1. Passport and its details
  2. Recent photograph in specified dimensions
  3. Admission offer from the university
  4. Proof of english language skills i.e. result of SELT
  5. Proof of financial support

Apart from these documents, you might also need:

  1. Consent from parents, in cases of minor
  2. Proof of medical health and vaccination records
  3. Biometric test and retina scans
  4. Personal interview


The process to obtain a UK Visa might seem very complex, but in reality, a careful look at the official website and enquiries with the appointment centre can help simplify the process. Students should ensure they have all the necessary documents before applying for the visa online and then follow all given instructions during the visa appointment at the centre. 

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