How does studying abroad benefit an Indian student

At a certain point in their education, each student is faced with the dilemma of an international education. 

On one hand, going far from home is scary and can be a tough challenge, but on the other, it can be the most enriching experience of one’s life. 

The choice to study abroad can be a tough one, especially in a country like India, where family and community play such a big part in one’s life. 

However, there are a whole range of benefits that Indian students can avail of, if they choose to study abroad. Here are the top 12 benefits of studying abroad for Indian students:

Highly ranked universities

The most obvious benefit of studying abroad is that it opens up doors to a large number of top ranked universities. While India too has lots of highly renowned colleges, looking only within the country can limit one’s options. 

By choosing to apply abroad, one can avail the opportunity to study at Ivy Leagues in the US or prestige school in the UK, etc. 

Wide variety of programmes

Apart from getting access to highly ranked universities, Indian students studying abroad can also access a large variety of courses and programmes. 

There might be certain rare, unique or niche programmes that are not popular in India or are not offered in any college here. 

However, there is a high chance that those courses may be quite popular abroad and thus going abroad could open up new possibilities in terms of course and career choices. 


One of the most lucrative parts of studying abroad is the large number of scholarships offered to international students today

Universities want a diverse range of students in their classes and are eager for international students to join in. This has led to a large number of scholarships being offered from US, Europe, Australia to Indian students. 

International experience

Living in just one country your whole life can be very rewarding and comforting, but can also deprive you of essential international experiences which can enrich your life. 

Living so far from home, being alone, meeting diverse people and experiencing a different culture can teach a student many life lessons and can shape their entire careers in a positive way. 

Different learning

Different countries have different education systems that prioritise different things. 

The academic backgrounds and requirements in each country are varied and thus, studying abroad allows students a chance to learn and study in a whole new environment, in a whole new educational system. 

This can open their minds to a greater number of things and teach them different ways to learn. 

New experiences

Studying in one’s homeland is an experience that cannot challenge a student the way studying abroad can. 

Leaving home and travelling far puts students out of their comfort zones and pushes them to take risks, learn new things, pick up different languages, make new friends, travel and be adventurous. 

This plethora of novel experiences impart lifelong learning and simply should not be missed. 


One of the biggest benefits of studying so far from home is the independence it brings. Without an immediate support system in place, students learn to become fully independent and make their own decisions

They learn discipline, self-reliance and mature into responsible adults. 

These traits stay in individuals their whole lives and thus benefit all other aspects of their lives as well. 

Perspective on culture

When they leave their country for the first time, students experience a culture shock i.e. the experience of a completely unfamiliar culture. This experience can help them gain new qualities and values that they may not learn from their own culture. Furthermore, going to a foreign country can help students view their own culture differently as well. Students learn to cultivate a balanced opinion of all cultures and thus gain a mature perspective. 

Global mindset

Living and studying abroad allows students to meet a diverse range of people. It encourages them to adjust with and accept others as they are. Staying abroad erases a lot of unfair biases and discrimination that one may feel and thus broaden’s one’s mind. In a world that is becoming a global village, studying abroad can help develop a global mindset and make students global citizens.

Impressive CV

A student that has studied abroad definitely has the advantage of having a more impressive CV than one that has studied in their home country. 

This is because employers want to hire freshers that have life experience, are independent and can adjust to the work environment quickly. 

These traits are well developed in students that study internationally and thus they become the preferred choice. Similarly, graduating from a highly ranked university can make your CV preferable over others. 

International job prospects

An international education also offers an international career. Students that study at foreign universities are often allowed to intern at and work professionally in the countries they study in. This gives them the opportunity to avail international job prospects that might not be available back home. 

Possibility of residency

Just like international education allows for an international career, it also allows students the chance of settling down abroad. Students who wish to travel, experience different countries or work in international industries can do so quite easily by studying abroad, working there and then applying for permanent residency. 


Studying abroad is a great opportunity to broaden one’s mind and experience. It pushes one out of their comfort zone and into a land of novel opportunities. It opens doors to a better and more varied education as well as to diverse cultures and people. 

It teaches students new life skills and makes them independent, mature adults. It also gives students the chance to shape their future by choosing international careers. 

While the prospect of staying so far from home can be scary at first, it is definitely the experience of a lifetime. 

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