Adish Umranikar

I joined SEICCO Institue first for IELTS coaching. The vast teaching experience of Mr.Narendra Dravid and excellent study material helped me achieve a very good score in IELTS. Then I further enrolled for study abroad counselling. Mr. Sandeep Dravid helped me through all the process, right from selection of universities, writing SOP's and LOR's to the actual applications to universities. I strongly recommend SEICCO Institutes for coaching as well as counselling.

Poorva Patil

I approached SEICCO (Pune) institution with the expectation of good infrastructure, assistance, friendly approach and more importantly faculty competence. No doubt the institute meets all the expectations. I thank and appreciate the support provided by faculty and counsellors. Classes were very helpful in preparation for IELTS and GRE examinations. Prof. Narendra Dravid helped me to pin point my week areas/skills in English. He helped me to enhance my English at very extent. I felt very comfortable, while practicing also he gave individual attention to everyone for all classes. With the help of various mock Tests, I came to know my level of English, which is really worth full in IELTS exam, In addition to this practice in the class apart from teaching gave me an immense confidence. Overall, experience with faculty and staff really incredible. I enjoyed my classes and practice section very much. I am really thankful to SEICCO. 

Sangram Tonde

I approached SEICCO in 2019 for admissions to UK. Mr. Sandeep told me the admission is possible, but UK is not offering work permit, so he recommended me University in Australia which offers 2 years Master Course and dual degree course with scholarships. I received AUD13000 scholarship with the help of Mr. Sandeep. Mr. Dravid prepared me for IELTS and I got the desired result resulting in the scholarship. I am at James Cook University, Brisbane doing my Master in Professional Accounting and MBA. I thank SEICCO for helping me in entire process starting from IELTS preparation till I get the Visa for Australia. I recommend SEICCO for IELTS coaching and Abroad Education

Animesh Aher

I would highly recommend to all my peers applying for education abroad. All the steps right from introduction to foreign education and universities, IELTS coaching, visa application and arrival was undertaken in a professional and timely manner. Admission process was done with ease and now I am at Victoria University, Sydney pursuing my Bachelor in IT. Thanks SEICCO for their guidance and help in admission and Visa process.

Harshavardhan Vats

I am very glad to acknowledge your immaculate guidance from the inception of application process until completion of admission process in QMUL.

You along with your colleagues are wonderful people who have assisted me very well and in a very transparent manner.

I am glad to choose your consultancy and will always refer to who so ever needs in my circles.

I hope my stay in QMUL remain peaceful and productive.

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