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IELTS Training Institute & Preparation Classes in Pune

Ready to head overseas for your higher education? An important step in this process is taking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and receiving a good score on it, so that it no longer stands in the way of your ambitions. Since this is a crucial hurdle that students have to cross, making the process of preparation as smooth and organized as possible is of utmost importance. 

Countless IELTS coaching classes in Pune provide a system of preparation catered to the needs of the students. Right from having tutors who train students in each specific section of the examination, to providing easy-to-read notes, sample question papers, doubt solving sessions and one-on-one attention, IELTS coaching institutes ensure that students are prepared for the IELTS to the highest possible extent. Apart from providing the right guidance for your IELTS preparation, these classes also build values and qualities in students that stay with them for their career, such as determination to complete tasks, the drive to work hard for what you want to achieve, being consistent in your work, not giving up easily, maintaining a positive attitude to meet any new challenges, etc. Additionally, students meet others like them who are pursuing similar ambitions of studying overseas, with similar hurdles to cross, which propels them to concentrate on their IELTS preparation with more vigor. These reasons are merely the tip of the iceberg of why IELTS classes are the perfect solution for all students who are intending to take the test.

When it comes to IELTS classes in Pune, SEICCO is known to be one of the top institutes. It ensures that it provides excellent, thorough and all-encompassing IELTS coaching to students looking for IELTS consultants in Pune

What do you mean by IELTS?

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardized test required to be taken if an individual whose native language is not English aims to work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language, such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. It measures one’s ability to read, write, listen and speak in English and is graded on a scale of 1-9. The IELTS is divided into 4 sections, focusing on reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Reading Section:

Texts from books, journals, newspapers and online resources are provided, which may be written in different styles, such as narrative, descriptive or discursive/argumentative. One is tested on a detailed/general understanding of the text given, whether one can recognize specific information, ideas or opinions, etc. 

Writing Section: 

This section includes 2 tasks, one which requires the test- taker to describe some visual information in their own words (about 150 words in 20 minutes), and one in which an argument/problem/point of view is provided which the test-taker has to discuss (250 words in 40 minutes). The assessment criteria for this section include coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and task achievement/response.

Listening Section: 

The listening section has 4 parts with 10 questions in each part. The first two parts deal with everyday/social situations, where one has to listen to a conversation and a monologue. The other two parts deal with educational and training situations, where one listens to an academic discussion between two speakers and a monologue about a certain academic subject. The recordings may be in various accents, such as North American, British, Australian, etc. This section tests the test-taker on their listening skills, whether they are able to follow conversations between two people, recognize details and how they are connected, spot relationships between ideas,opinions, facts, events etc.

Speaking Section:

This section includes a face-to-face interview with the examiner and it is recorded. It has 3 parts, the first including the introduction and interview, the second including speaking about a particular topic based on a card that indicates which aspects of the topic to focus on. Part 3 includes a discussion between the test-taker and the examiner about the topic spoken about in part 2. The assessment criteria for this section are fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. 

IELTS Exam Structure

IELTS Section Content Time
40 questions
Approx. 30 mins (and 10 mins’ transfer time)
40 questions
60 mins
2 tasks
60 mins
3 parts
11-14 mins

How to Prepare for IELTS

  1. Take practice tests
  2. Work on your English capabilities and IELTS strategies
  3. Work on developing a wide range of reading skills
  4. Practice writing based on the format of the writing section- interpreting different types of charts, understanding the structure of essays, etc
  5. Practice speaking fluently in English, having conversations easily and answering questions assertively

SEICCO as a IELTS Training Institute & Preparation Coaching Classes in Pune

Amongst the many IELTS coaching institutes in Pune, SEICCO has emerged as a stellar choice due to several important factors. Due to the emphasis we put on students being given the right guidance, we provide experienced tutors who are extremely familiar with exceptional teaching techniques.

 Students also receive ample support and counseling owing to the fact that SEICCO has been in the business of overseas education for several years. SEICCO promises personalized service, wherein students receive individual attention during coaching classes so that each of them are clear on the concepts taught. 

Since taking the IELTS is an important stepping stone for students’ higher education, SEICCO ensures that the entire process becomes as stress-free as possible for everyone involved. SEICCO has designed an end-to-end process for your entire IELTS journey, right from preparing for it to providing guidance during the admission procedure, which makes an extremely simple solution for all your overseas education needs. Despite offering such excellent features and benefits, we provide our services at very pocket friendly rates! 

What Do SEICCO IELTS Coaching Classes have to offer you?

Classroom Training:

SEICCO provides classroom coaching to students in order to promote interactive and collaborative learning. Training that is given in-person boosts students’ ability to absorb and comprehend the study material faster and to its fullest extent.

Individual Attention:

One-to-one attention is given by the tutors to each student, so as to improve comprehension, ensure that each student has completely understood the concept being taught, and avoid brushing even the tiniest doubts that they have under the carpet. 

IELTS Batches:

SEICCO holds coaching classes in batches that take place either daily (five days a week), or on weekends. 

Study material: SEICCO provides extensive notes that students would need for their IELTS preparation, making their work much simpler and reducing the effort they are required to put in. 

Practice Question Papers:

Since students perform better in exams when they are given sufficient practice for them, SEICCO provides IELTS practice question papers of exams that had previously taken place to its students.

Weekly Mock Tests:

In order to keep evaluating students on their progress, SEICCO holds weekly mock tests that also help them perfect the skill of giving exams as much as possible. 

Friendly Ambience:

SEICCO creates a friendly, inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students in order to keep up their spirits and help instill a positive approach within them.

Visa Process Assistance:

After students have passed the exam with flying colors, the process of attaining a visa begins, which proves to be a hectic one. SEICCO assists students, providing step-by-step guidance which ensures that the process happens smoothly. 

Admission Guidance:

SEICCO wants each student to achieve their dream of overseas education and so, it guides them through the admission process of their dream overseas university.

How Many Hours of Training Does SEICCO provide for IELTS Preparation?

SEICCO provides 3600 hours of training of IELTS Preparation within which topic wise concept building is carried out.
Each lecture is of 90 minutes, and classes are taken from Monday to Friday in the week, for 8 weeks.

Do you provide online classes for IELTS?

Yes, we do provide online classes for IELTS exam preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS

How long is an IELTS score valid?

The score you receive for your IELTS is valid for 2 years.

What happens if I am not able to appear for the test?

If one is unable to attend the test, they are deemed an absentee and a refund is not provided.

Is there an age limit to take the IELTS?

Candidates below the age of 16 are not recommended to take the test, but if they wish to do so, they may.

What is the exam fee for IELTS?

The registration fee to take the test is Rs 14,000

Can I pause during the listening section of the IELTS?

No, one is not permitted to pause the audio in the middle of the section, it will be played only once.

What can I bring into the IELTS test room?

One must take their identification document with them, along with a pen/pencil and an eraser.

How can I postpone or cancel my application?

One can reschedule their exam date at least 5 weeks ahead of the test date booked previously. The new date is to be booked 3 months ahead of the actual test date. The charges for rescheduling are Rs 3,300 and if one cancels their application 5 weeks before the test date, they receive a refund exclusive of a 25% administrative fee. However, if the application is canceled less than 5 weeks ahead of the test date, no refund is offered. 


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