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TOEFL Training Institute & Preparation Classes in Pune

When it comes to pursuing one’s higher education in English speaking universities, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an essential hurdle that has to be completed. It assesses one’s English language ability through sections based on reading, listening, writing and speaking

TOEFL coaching classes in Pune are scattered throughout, which train students to be able to perform to the best of their ability while taking this test. TOEFL coaching institutes in Pune create the perfect learning environment for students, since they are taught by faculty trained in the field and they encounter other students who are eager to aim for overseas education, which gives rise to healthy competition amongst them. At SEICCO, TOEFL classes in pune, students gain several skills related to performing in stressful environments such as maintaining a calm mindset, having confidence, being consistent and persistent and having a positive attitude towards challenges. 

Since TOEFL determines whether students would be able to pursue their overseas education dreams, it is important to put emphasis on one’s TOEFL preparation, which is made much easier with the help of enrolling in TOEFL classes. TOEFL coaching institutes in Pune provide an organized system, which includes hourly sessions, practice exams, mock tests and detailed notes which assist students in their preparation. 

For those looking for TOEFL consultants in Pune, opting for SEICCO would be the right choice, since it is known to be one of the top TOEFL classes in Pune. 

What Do You Mean by TOEFL?

TOEFL, standing for Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a standardized test which measures the ability of non-native English speakers on their English language ability. This test is taken by Those who aim to pursue their higher education in English-speaking universities. The test consists of four sections- reading, listening, speaking and writing and one performs tasks that integrate these communication skills, such as, responding to a question by speaking after reading or listening to it, writing a response after reading and listening to the question, etc.


In the reading section, 3-4 reading passages are provided, each around 700 words long, with 10 questions per passage. 54-72 minutes are allotted for one to answer the questions in the entire section. This section is made to test how skilled one is at reading and understanding the materials used in an academic environment. Usually, the passages given are excerpts from university-level textbooks. 


The listening section is designed to assess your ability to understand conversations and lectures in English, and it includes listening for basic comprehension and in order to know whether one is able to connect and synthesize information based on what they have listened to. This section contains 2 types of listening exercises- listening to lectures (3-4 lectures, 3-5 mins long with 6 questions per lecture) and listening to conversations (2-3 conversations with 2 speakers, 3 mins long with 5 questions per conversation). One is provided 41-57 minutes to finish working on this section.


This section tests one’s ability to speak English in academic settings, with 4 tasks that are based on real life situations that an individual may encounter in and out of classroom settings. The first question is an “independent speaking task” because it requires one to voice one’s own ideas, opinions and experiences while responding. Questions 2-4 are “integrated speaking tasks” as they consist of combining listening and speaking or listening, reading and speaking, similar to how one would be required to do in or out of a classroom. 15-30 seconds of preparation time is given before each response and the response itself is supposed to be around 45-60 seconds long. There are 17 minutes allotted to finish working on this section.


The writing section is designed to assess your ability to write in English in academic settings, in which one is expected to present their ideas in a clear, articulate and well-organized manner. The Integrated writing task, which goes on for 20 minutes, requires one to read a short passage, listen to a lecture and write a response to what was heard and read. The Independent writing task, which goes on for 30 minutes, requires one to write an essay based on personal experiences or opinions in response to a topic. This section is to be completed in 50 minutes.

TOEFL Exam Structure

TOEFL No. of Questions Question Types Timing
54-72 minutes
30-40 questions
Read passages and respond to questions
41-57 minutes
28-39 questions
Answer questions about brief lectures or classroom discussions
17 minutes
4 tasks
Talk about a familiar topic and material you read and listened to
50 minutes
2 tasks
Read a passage, listen to a recording, type your response

What does SEICCO offer as a TOEFL coaching class?

  1. 3600 hours of TOEFL classroom training
  2. Thorough and easy-to-grasp study material
  3. Unlimited essay reviews
  4. An elaborate study plan customized according to each student’s target score and exam date
  5. Extensive doubt clearing sessions catered to the needs of each student

How to Prepare for TOEFL

Reading Section in TOEFL Tips: 

  1. Read as much as possible and strictly in the English language.
  2. Try to build a good english vocabulary 
  3. Read newspaper articles, periodicals, etc in order to pick up new words
  4. Practice skimming a passage and then reading it carefully. Write down the main ideas conveyed in the passage for better comprehension

Listening Section in TOEFL Tips:

  1. Take accurate notes
  2. Develop listening skills by practicing listening and absorbing information for long periods of time.
  3. Detect the flavor of the conversation. Once a general idea of what the conversation is about is understood, it becomes much easier to answer questions based on the topic.

Writing Section in TOEFL Tips:

  1. Learn and practice grammatical structures so that one can use them easily while writing
  2. Ensure that you know spellings, punctuation and layout very well 
  3. Practice writing summaries of articles that are 300-400 words long, by first reading them, making clear and concise notes on them, and then writing a short summary of it. 

Speaking Section in TOEFL Tips:

  1. Work on pronunciation, such as which words to put emphasis on, intonation patterns and pauses. 
  2. Make a list of topics that one is familiar with and speak about them 
  3. Practice describing objects/people/concepts/ideas by using different adjectives and adding as many details as possible.

SEICCO as a TOEFL Training Institute & Preparation Coaching Classes in Pune

Amongst the many TOEFL coaching institutes in Pune, SEICCO has emerged as a stellar choice due to several important factors. Due to the emphasis we put on students being given the right guidance, we provide experienced tutors who are extremely familiar with exceptional teaching techniques. Students also receive ample support and counseling owing to the fact that SEICCO has been in the business of overseas education for several years.

SEICCO Overseas, Pune promises personalized service, wherein students receive individual attention during coaching classes so that each of them are clear on the concepts taught. Since taking the TOEFL is an important stepping stone for students’ higher education, 

SEICCO ensures that the entire process becomes as stress-free as possible for everyone involved. SEICCO has designed an end-to-end process for your entire TOEFL journey, right from preparing for it to providing guidance during the admission procedure, which makes an extremely simple solution for all your overseas education needs. Despite offering such excellent features and benefits, we provide our services at very pocket friendly rates! 

What Do SEICCO TOEFL Coaching Classes have to offer you?

Classroom Training:

SEICCO provides classroom coaching to students in order to promote interactive and collaborative learning. Training that is given in-person boosts students’ ability to absorb and comprehend the study material faster and to its fullest extent.

Individual Attention:

One-to-one attention is given by the tutors to each student, so as to improve comprehension, ensure that each student has completely understood the concept being taught, and avoid brushing even the tiniest doubts that they have under the carpet. 

TOEFL Batches:

SEICCO holds coaching classes in batches that take place either daily (five days a week), or on weekends. 

Study material: SEICCO provides extensive notes that students would need for their TOEFL preparation, making their work much simpler and reducing the effort they are required to put in. 

Practice Question Papers:

Since students perform better in exams when they are given sufficient practice for them, SEICCO provides TOEFL practice question papers of exams that had previously taken place to its students.

Weekly Mock Tests:

In order to keep evaluating students on their progress, SEICCO holds weekly mock tests that also help them perfect the skill of giving exams as much as possible. 

Friendly Ambience:

SEICCO creates a friendly, inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students in order to keep up their spirits and help instill a positive approach within them.

Visa Process Assistance:

After students have passed the exam with flying colors, the process of attaining a visa begins, which proves to be a hectic one. SEICCO assists students, providing step-by-step guidance which ensures that the process happens smoothly. 

Admission Guidance:

SEICCO wants each student to achieve their dream of overseas education and so, it guides them through the admission process of their dream overseas university.

How Many Hours of Training Does SEICCO provide for TOEFL Preparation?

SEICCO provides 3600 hours of training of TOEFL Preparation within which topic wise concept building is carried out.
Each lecture is of 90 minutes, and classes are taken from Monday to Friday in the week, for 8 weeks.

Do you provide online classes for TOEFL?

Yes, we do provide online classes for TOEFL exam preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TOEFL

How can I register for the TOEFL?

You can register online through the ETS website or via phone. You can also use standard mail to register.

What is the TOEFL exam fee? 

The exam fee for the TOEFL is Rs. 14,197.47. 

After registering, is it possible to change my registration to a different date or test center?

Yes, it is possible to change your registration, but these changes can be only until 4 days before the test date. There is a fee that must be paid for changes in registration and any changes are subject to availability.

What can I bring with me to the test center?

Personal items may be brought into the test center building but they are not allowed inside the room where the test is administered. Test-takers are to store their personal items in on-site lockers.

What type of identification should I bring with me to be admitted to the test center?

2 forms of identification are required, such as passports or driver’s licenses, which are valid and have not expired.

How many times is the TOEFL offered?

The TOEFL is offered more than 50 times a year at test centers all over the world.

What is a “good” score on the TOEFL?

Usually 100 (with 25 on each section) is considered good enough for most purposes. 



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