Reasons To Pursue Higher Education In Ireland

Students wishing to travel abroad, stay in a new place and culture and experience independent living have to choose from among various appealing opportunities in different countries. Each country has its own highly ranked universities that provide superior education and are thus likely to be considered by international students. 

There are many other factors too, such as availability of scholarships, location, culture, career and employment opportunities, etc. that students must consider before making this decision. 

As we approach 2022, Ireland is emerging as another popular and lucrative destination for international students. Here are the top reasons you should pursue higher education in Ireland: 

Highly ranked universities

Ireland boasts of many highly ranked universities, both public and private, that offer a superior quality of education to all international students. Colleges like Trinity College, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, University College Cork, as well as Dublin City University are ranked globally and provide excellent quality of education and extracurricular facilities. Furthermore, there are several other private universities like the Dublin Business School and Burren College of Art, which are also quite renowned.Thus, international students can avail esteemed education in Ireland. 

Variety of courses

While the total number of universities in Ireland is not that high, each public and private college in Ireland offers a huge array of subjects and courses to choose from. Technical courses like software engineering, information technology, pharmacy, medicine, etc. are especially popular in Irish universities. Furthermore, fields like journalism, design, business and finance are also ideal choices for students today. Thus, international students wanting to study abroad can always find the course they wish for in Ireland. 

Availability of scholarships 

Ireland is very welcoming to international students and this is evident from the amount of scholarships offered. There are numerous scholarships that the government as well as private universities offer to international students. The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship is one such merit based scholarship that international students can avail. Apart from that, colleges like University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Trinity college, etc. also offer a variety of need and merit based scholarships. 

Career opportunities

A higher education in Ireland can become a pathway to a successful career there. Most universities in Ireland offer internships to international students who can find work in their preferred fields, in the reputed companies of Ireland. Furthermore, international students can be granted post-study work visas quite easily in Ireland. This allows international students to stay longer and really experience what it is like to have an international career. If a student wishes to settle down permanently, they can also apply for a resident visa once they have a full time job. Thus, Ireland is a great choice for those students wanting to pursue a career and settle down abroad. 

Great locations

Ireland is known for its wonderful natural scenery and exotic locations. Ireland offers a wide array of interesting places that students can visit on their free days. Along with its scenic beaches, cliffs, mountains and green landscapes, major cities like Dublin also have a multitude of museums, restaurants and other cultural places that students can enjoy. Students can explore the country through backpacking and small day trips and find not only natural beauty but also history, culture and heritage. Furthermore, the UK and other countries on the west coast of Europe are close to Ireland, which is also advantageous. 

Rich culture and new people

Ireland has a rich heritage and a complex and fascinating history that can be of great interest to international students. Irish music, literature as well as cinema gives a unique perspective into this largely unexplored place. Furthermore, international students can feel right at home in Ireland since the country welcomes new people with open arms. Making friends here is easy and most people are welcoming, warm and eager to exchange cultural knowledge. This is why Ireland is becoming more and more popular with students wishing to explore new cultures and meet people from different backgrounds. 


Ireland is fast becoming a popular destination for international students wishing to complete their higher education abroad. Home to multiple highly ranked universities, Ireland not only offers a variety of courses across disciplines, it also boasts of scenic locations, rich culture and welcoming people. International students can also access numerous merit and need based scholarships that the government offers, along with the public and private universities. 

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