Reasons to Study in Australia

In the last few decades, more and more students are choosing to study in a foreign country to complete their higher education, be it at an undergraduate, graduate or doctorate level. Naturally, with their prestigious universities and future prospects, the US and UK have emerged as top destinations for students to flock to. However, studying in these countries also has certain disadvantages. Firstly, the cost of the programme is quite high. That, along with the high cost of living, makes it a significant financial burden on students. Furthermore, these countries have complex imigration processes and can be tough to get permanent residency to. On the other hand, other countries such as Australia, have started emerging as more and more popular study destinations that students can take full advantage of. Here are some reasons why you should choose to study in Australia:

Highly ranked universities

Australia is home to some of the best globally, highly ranked universities, with excellent faculty and the very best educational facilities provided. Universities such as University of Melbourne, Monash Clayton University, UNSW University, The University of Sydney, etc. are some widely renowned colleges in Australia that have a high global standing. Furthermore, Australian universities are known to have a focus on application and practical knowledge which allows the students to be prepared for the real world immediately after graduating. With numerous programmes in a wide range of fields, international students get to choose courses according to their interests and customise their educational needs. 

Internationally recognised degree

Certain students are hesitant to study abroad as they fear whether or not their international degree would be relevant in their home country. However, there is no reason for such a fear when studying in Australia. All highly ranked universities in Australia are recognised globally and therefore all the degrees they confer also have a universal standing. This means that students can avail job opportunities all over the world, on the basis of a degree from an Australian college. In fact, for a lot of employers, especially in a country like India, an Australian degree is a lot more impressive than others. 

Reduced financial burden

As mentioned earlier, the main issue with studying in places like the US or UK is the financial burden the student must undertake. The cost of living as well as the tuition fees in these countries are too high to be affordable for most students. However, for students that want to avail an international education at a reasonable cost, Australia is the perfect place. With reasonably priced programmes and relatively low cost of living, Australia is one of the most economical places for a student to be in, globally.  

Student employment

Another factor that adds to Australia’s appeal is student employability. Since studying abroad is quite the financial commitment, international students in Australia can take up jobs alongside their studies to cover extra costs and living expenses. International students travelling with a student visa can work for 20 hours per week during their study semesters. Furthermore, during holidays or vacation time, they can work full-time i.e. 40 hours to earn extra income and gain some professional experience. 


One of the benefits of an international education is that students are exposed to the diversity of the world. They get to interact with people from completely different backgrounds, erase biases and embrace differences. They learn and gain cultural understanding and sensitivity. Australia is a diverse and multi-ethic country that offers international students a chance to experience multiculturalism to the fullest. Each university campus in the country has students from all over the world, all with different backgrounds and socio-political contexts, which allows individuals to come together and find unity in diversity. 

Future prospects

The best part of studying in Australia is perhaps what comes next. International students completing their higher education in the country are allowed to stay back a few years to find employment and get started on an international career. In fact, students that complete a two year degree get an additional two to three years of work visa to experience the country professionally and personally. After this, students can also apply for permanent residency and settle down abroad. 

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