Where can you study abroad for free

Going abroad for higher education has multiple benefits and is becoming more and more popular among students today. 

Access to top universities, a variety of courses, independent living and the possibility of an international career are some reasons students often choose to study abroad. 

However, though it has so many benefits, studying abroad can be taxing from a financial point of view. 

Apart from the higher cost of living outside, the tuition fees and programme costs are almost always quite high. 

However, there are a few countries with educational systems that allow international students to study for free or at very low costs. Here are all the places that you can study at for free:


Germany is a popular country for pursuing higher education, especially undergraduate degrees. 

This is mainly because German public universities charge no tuition fees for undergraduate programmes, for German nationals as well as international students, regardless of their nationality. 

This means that students can get admission in some of the many excellent universities in Germany without the financial burden.


Germany has a strong economy, great educational system and high standard of living, which coupled with free tuition makes it an excellent choice for an undergraduate education. 

Furthermore, Germany has more than 40 universities which feature on the list of top universities in the world. Students wishing to pursue an education in Germany need to only pay for living costs and a nominal admission fee – about 150 to 200 Euros – and avail wonderful education opportunities virtually for free. 


Unlike Germany, public universities do not offer free tuition for undergraduate degrees. However, the fee charged is a nominal amount – about 170 Euros – and is only a fraction of what is charged in other countries. 

Like Germany, both French and other international students can avail the benefits of this low university cost. However, fees for non-EU students are still higher than that for EU/EEA/Swiss students. 

While non-EU students would have to pay higher tuition, there are still plenty of scholarships offered by the French government to help reduce the financial burden faced by international students. 

The cost of education can also vary according to the degree of specialisation and type of university one chooses to attend, but France is a viable option for those wanting to study abroad at very low costs. 

Nordic Countries

Northern European or Nordic countries boast some of the most stunning cities, the best economy and the happiest societies of the modern world. 

As an indicator of their developed economy, most of these countries offer free or low cost education to international students. However, these countries have a high cost of living, which could prove to be an issue for some students. 


Norway and Iceland both offer free undergraduate education at public universities, which is available for both citizens and international students. 

Apart from paying nominal admission and semester fees, students do not need to pay actual tuition fees to get an education. 


Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Finland also offer free tuition at undergraduate level, but this is only available to EU/EEA and Swiss students and not other international ones. 

However, tuition fees at universities in these countries are still lesser than average and can be more affordable for international students. 

Other options

Germany, France and the Nordic countries present the best opportunities for students to study abroad for free or very low costs, while also getting a high quality education at top universities. However, there are lots of other options available too. Here are some other countries where students can study for free or very low costs:

    • Austria: EU students can study for free in Austria at any education level, but international students do have to pay a low fee of about 726 Euros. This fee is lower than most foregin universities and thus is still a viable option for international students.
  • Argentina: Argentina offers free education to all its citizens. However, international students too can study at very low costs since most public universities only charge a nominal amount as tuition fees for non-Argentinians. Furthermore, the cost of living here is much lower than other developed countries and thus reduces the overall financial burden.
  • Taiwan: Taiwan has a lot of highly ranked universities, such as the National Taiwan university, which is ranked 69th in the world rankings. The tuition fees in Taiwan are highly affordable compared to other countries, for both citizens as well as international students, which makes it a great option for studying abroad. 


Studying abroad is advantageous for a large number of reasons, but it can prove to be a financial burden to some. Countries like Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland are viable options for international students to complete their undergraduate degree either for free or at a very low cost.

These countries are especially affordable for students belonging to the EU/EEA. Furthermore, countries like Austria, Argentina and Taiwan are also good options for low cost tuitions. 


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