What Is It Like To Study In Canada For Indian Students?

The experience of studying abroad is invaluable, the reason being that students who choose to study overseas are exposed to a myriad of different learnings. The objective of international education is not just to provide high-quality education but to present ample opportunities for students to develop in their personal as well as their professional lives. 

In recent years, the amount of foreign students pursuing tertiary education abroad has significantly increased. Project Atlas, 2019 reports that the USA, UK, China and Canada were countries with the most international student population. Canada, more particularly, recorded a whopping number of 435, 415 international students

Known for its globally recognized universities and a stellar higher-education system, Canada mostly stands out for its diverse society that is welcoming to people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, learning in the ‘Great White North’ is not restricted to just that, it has many inviting prospects for Indian students to benefit from. Here’s why.

Friendly Visa Policies

Owing to initiatives from the Canadian Government and favourable visa policies, Indian students have found the visa-processing procedure straightforward and far easier. The country introduced the Student Direct Stream which was a fast-track process for study permits applications for students residing in any of the four Asian countries, namely India, China, the Philippines and Vietnam. Since its introduction, the processing time for student visas has been cut short by 25%. 

Diverse Cultures

The diversified society of Canada can be witnessed through the Canadian social, political and economic spectrum. However, what stands out is the cultural diversity that makes Indian international students and immigrants feel welcomed and at home. In addition to this, the country’s diverse artistic, culinary, musical, literary aspects and the cosmopolitan nature of its cities appeal to the student’s who have left their home country for seeking higher education overseas. Thanks to Canada’s progressive government, there are also strict laws against racism, homophobia and sexism adding to its recognition as a tolerant country. 

High Standard of Living

According to reports by Better Life Index, Canadian citizens experience a higher level of life satisfaction. The main factor influencing this is the strength of its economy. Factoring in the housing facilities, personal security, healthcare, environmental quality, education system, social connections, and employability outcomes, it’s safe to say that Canada offers greater opportunities for students looking to build and grow in their lives. Moreover, its democratic, inclusive and liberal governance values diversity, emphasizes human rights and rights for women, youth and the marginalized.


The cost of living in Canada is comparatively less than in the United States and the United Kingdom. With options to work part-time, living expenses for Indian students is made further convenient. Students also get a post-study work permit of up to 3 years after completing their program to work full-time in the field of their choice. Thinking about the return of investment in the long run, Canada provides easy financial return options to students who look to invest in its higher education. 

Part-Time Work

While studying, international students are eligible to work part-time up to 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours during vacation, granted their study permit includes the condition that allows them to work on or off-campus. This enables students to earn and cater for their own needs, helping them cover their living expenses by themselves.


Adding to an internationally recognized education, the job market scene in Canada is filled with a surplus of inviting opportunities. The majority of them can be found in the service sector followed by manufacturing and natural resources. It has also recorded a huge demand for jobs in the healthcare sector. Accordingly, a higher study in Canada would mean a three-year post-study work permit to search and avail a suitable job, irrespective of it being in a field of choice or not. Apart from this, there are plenty of government websites that provide specific information for internships and summer jobs for students. 

Safer Environment

Canada is known as one of the safest destinations in the world. As per Global Peace Index, 2019, the country is the sixth safest country in the world. It is acknowledged for its low crime rate, which facilitates a secure life for international students. Along with this, they also have access to various points if they face any problem or emergency during their study.

Devoted Healthcare

Once enrolled, international students are arranged with a health cover or it is recommended, by their Canadian university or college. However, it is mandatory for all foreign students to have health coverage for the duration of their studies in the country. It is important to note that the medical insurance in the country will differ from province to province

Cooperative System

Many Canadian programs offer a cooperative or co-op system where it offers students a chance to work in the relevant field during their study. It is a vital part of many universities and colleges in the country and promotes the importance of work-integrated learning. Inevitably, this gives students a competitive advantage once they finish their course and aid in helping them achieve impressive employment outcomes. 

Work-Life Harmony

Many Canadian cities including Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Toronto are highly ranked in the world for having the best work-life balance is highly ranked in the world. The ranking was based on factors such as city livability, remote employment, vacation days, COVID-19 related economic support and mental health care. Numerous Canadian employers also provide free of cost, mental health assistance services to their employees.  

Ample Public Services

The government of Canada offers various public services such as housing facilities, work insurance, children education, training and cater to benefits for families as well as people with disabilities. The government is also dedicated to imparting world-class education, infrastructure, emergency services, postal services and many more public utilities. 

Easy Access to Migration

It is a well-known fact that Canada is an immigrant-friendly country and that it has diverse demography. Inevitably, a growing amount of Indian immigrants are drawn to the country. It is said that the country attracts its largest source of immigrants from Asia and this is a result of the country’s welcoming immigration policies which accelerate their economy and growth. 


Canada is inarguably one of the most inclusive, diverse and benevolent countries and Indian students have a lot of gain from should they choose to pursue their higher or tertiary education in a Canadian university or college. Not only will they receive a higher-quality education but also an incomparable experience of having a high-quality life, stellar work opportunities and an accessible path towards migration. All in all, Canada presents an attainable path for students to grow in their personal as well as professional lives.

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