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International students have found that there are plenty of benefits to studying in Ireland. It has a remarkable history and a rich heritage, along with a deep, soulful connection to music. Engulfed in hills, valleys and lush greenery, and with the majesty of its castles,  Ireland has an appeal like no other. 

Ireland is known for its impressive education system and globally connected universities, while also providing the best institutions and highly ranked programmes at affordable tuition fees. 

SEICCO offers a 360-degree consulting approach to students starting from profile-based counselling, admission guidance, test preparation, to visa and accommodation assistance.

Profile-Based Consulting and Tailored-Solutions:

We know that every student has unique and specific needs as well as differing priorities. Our aim is to identify your goals – both long and short term- and create an achievable, realistic path towards them.

Our consultants are experts who guide you with valuable and target-driven advice in a time-saving and systematic process. 

Only after a thorough profile assessment and survey of your needs and goals, would we present to you a range of opportunities along with future outcomes. 

Holistic College-Application Guidance for Universities in Ireland:

After assessing your profile and shortlisting the best universities for you, we help you with the application process, the documentation and the post-application procedure. 

This includes assistance with the application form, statement of purpose (SOP), letter of recommendation (LOR), resume/CV, etc. SEICCO follows a clear and easy process where our consultants will help you through every step of the way and keep track of everything for you. 

This way, there is no chance of there being any procedural error and you are free to concentrate on the more important matters. 

GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT Tests Preparations for Ireland studies:

To ensure you receive the most-desired college admits, we help you prepare for perhaps the most significant factor in an application process. 

SEICCO provides coaching for many admission requirement examinations such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. 

We offer students intensive training to score exceptional marks to strengthen their applications.

Visa, Travel and Accommodation Assistance to Ireland:

At SEICCO, we aim to aid in the student’s growth, both academically, professionally as well as personally. 

This is why our support extends beyond simply the application to loan assistance, visa application and post-visa assistance as well as travel and accommodation guidance for our students. 

Our top priority is to look out for your convenience throughout the process, personally as well as economically. 

Top Ireland Schools/Universities/Colleges:

Top Ireland Programs:

Data Science

Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing




Business Analytics

Investment banking and Finance

Big Data

Pharmaceutical Sciences


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