Top 5 Ranking Colleges in Canada

While the US and UK have been the most popular destinations for students wanting to pursue their higher education abroad, in the last decades, Canada has emerged as another top contender that is worthy of being noticed. Studying abroad is helpful to students in a lot of ways. It helps them become independent and responsible while also exposing them to different people and cultures. Canada, in particular, has a lot of attractive qualities that make it perfect for international students. It’s high standard of living, healthcare, high paying jobs, and the possibility of permanent residency are very lucrative. And most important of all, Canada is home to some excellent universities that offer a high quality education at reasonable tuition fees.

Here is a list of the top 5 colleges in Canada:

University of Toronto Image

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a public college, established in 1827, which is situated in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Ranked first in Canada and 25th in the world rankings, this university is widely accepted as the best university for international students studying in Canada. The college offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diplomas as well as Doctorate degrees. The most popular fields are mathematics, physics, biology, healthcare, humanities, etc. 

University of British Columbia Image

University of British Columbia

Situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, this public university was established in 1908 and is a renowned university in Canada. Consistently ranking in the second or third position within Canada, the University of British Columbia ranks 45th in world rankings. This college too, offers programmes on all educational levels, from undergraduate to PhD levels. Some popular fields are natural sciences, behavioural sciences, neurosciences, biochemistry, biology, etc. 

McGill University Image

McGill University

McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec, is a public university established in 1821, making it one of the oldest institutions in the country. Generally ranked either at second or third place within Canada, this university holds the 31st rank in world university rankings. Some popular fields that students choose here are accounting, finance, business, marketing, operations, etc. 


University of Alberta Image

University of Alberta

Established in 1908, the University of Alberta is a public college located in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It has a high reputation within Canada, always ranking among the top 5 colleges there. Globally, it ranks 119th in world rankings. Some popular programmes at various educational levels here are agricultural studies, civil engineering, general and natural science, etc. 

University of Waterloo Image


University of Waterloo 

Established in 1956, the University of Waterloo is a public university located in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. With three campuses, the university consistently ranks 5th or 6th within Canada and places 166th in the world rankings. The college offers degrees in undergraduate, graduate as well as doctorate levels and some popular fields here are science, engineering, economics, business, etc. 

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