MS Programs in the US

Top MS Programs in the US

The USA is the land of opportunities for most people globally. This is especially true for those wishing to study and settle down abroad. The US is the most popular destination for international students from all over the world. With its top ranking universities, variety of programmes and courses, and future prospects, it is like a dream destination. Any student can find a programme they are interested in, in the US, since its universities offer courses from disciplines ranging from natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law, business, psychology, economics, arts, language, humanities, and many more. For Indian students especially, Master of Science (MS) degrees are popular programmes, since they also come with bright future career opportunities, within the US as well as globally. Here are some of the top MS degrees that students opt for in the US:


MS in Engineering has always been a popular degree, since it is one that is always relevant and in demand. This discipline deals with creating, maintaining and optimising machines, systems and processes. It is quite a multi-disciplinary programme which applies concepts from design, mathematics, problem solving, etc. It is the perfect amalgamation of creativity and practical reasoning. Students who wish to study engineering must have an excellent academic record, especially in maths and science courses. There are various fields within engineering, such as chemical, industrial, civil, electronic, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, etc. which can be chosen according to one’s interests. Once an MS in Engineering is completed, students can either opt to study further and get a PhD or get into any engineering field as per their choice. 

Computer Science

MS in Computer Science is perhaps the most popular degree that international students, especially Indians, undertake in the US. This programme covers a wide variety of subjects through research, lectures, peer-based training and practical application. It builds on the student’s prior knowledge and interests to teach them the field of computers and their systems. This is an extremely crucial field in today’s world, with endless opportunities and an ever-growing market, this degree is in high demand for its lucrative career opportunities. In this degree, students can choose to specialise in fields like data mining, robotics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, programming languages, bioinformatics, computational geometry, etc. and secure jobs in the IT field or even have their own start ups. 


One of the most popular degrees, not just in the US but also worldwide, an MS in Finance is aimed at teaching students to make financial decisions and manage money in various enterprises. Throughout the degree, students are made to understand the financial market, the types of capital, the various financial models, the world of stock market, the phases that the world market goes through, as well as the various financial aspects of owning and managing a business. Students who complete this course can find jobs in virtually every sector, including banking, stocks, investment, financial consultancy, accounting, etc. 

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a broad discipline that aims to teach students the skills necessary to strategise, finance and manage operations in any business. Courses in this degree are wide ranging and cover topics like consumer behaviour, market analysis, supply behaviour, digital marketing, data management, statistics, predictive analysis, etc. Essentially, an MS in Business Analytics will equip you with all that you need to be able to manage a business successfully, in any field, using interdisciplinary concepts from disciplines like economics, computer science, mathematics, business engineering, etc.

Supply Chain Management

This programme is meant to teach students the concepts necessary to facilitate an effective transfer of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. It helps students plan and innovate systems that are cost effective while also delivering the goals of a particular business. MS in Supply Chain Management has become more and more popular in recent years, with the rise of e-commerce and other such business models. Students take courses in research, analysis, problem solving, project management, sourcing, marketing, etc. This degree can open a lot of doors for students who want to get into fields like manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, project management and consultancy. 

Management Information Systems

This programme is a combination that lets students study both Information Technology as well as Business. The degree covers how information systems can be used to organise and build a business, through courses in database marketing, systems development, digital business systems, project management, telecom management, e-commerce, decision support systems, etc. An MS in Management Information Systems allows students to apply technology in business and thus enter fields like business analytics, IT management, system analytics, programming, banking, insurance, etc. 

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