Popular STEM Courses in the UK

Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular, as students all over the globe realise the benefits of being international students. When one chooses to study outside their country, they open up the door to opportunities, by being able to access top ranking universities and the best facilities and faculty. Furthermore, living alone so far from home makes one resilient, self-reliant, independent and responsible. It also increases the potential of an international career and settling down abroad. Ever since studying abroad has been possible, the UK has been one of the most popular destinations for students. The UK offers prestigious universities and programmes, along with its rich history, natural beauty and high standard of living, that is extremely attractive to students. 

Some of the most popular courses and programmes that international students in the UK choose to complete are those belonging to STEM. STEM is an acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Hence, all the degrees that fall under these four disciplines are counted as STEM subjects. As a field STEM is constantly evolving, with new research being done and new frontiers opening all the time. This is also why the demand for STEM programmes is never ending. In the UK, there are numerous highly ranked universities that offer a wide range of specialisations within the STEM field. Furthermore, these universities give students a chance to study with world-class research and lab facilities. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, these courses prepare students for a competitive job market and make them lucrative to future employers. Here are some of the most popular STEM courses in the UK:

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most recent evolutions in the STEM field, artificial intelligence or AI is a discipline that focuses on creating technology that has an autonomous functionality based on human thinking. Essentially AI aims to create technology that mimics human intelligence and thus can complete tasks that have so far been impossible for machines to complete. Students in this degree study courses like automatic programming, machine learning, problem solving and reasoning, natural language recognition, etc.

Biomedical Sciences

An extremely important part of both medicine and natural science, biomedical sciences deal with using biology and chemistry in bettering health care. This field is very vast and has a wide range of real life applications. Students in this field can specialise in any of its three main categories i.e. bioengineering, physiological sciences and life sciences.


A unique amalgamation of engineering and biology, biotechnology is a field that aims to understand regulation systems and living organisms through the prism of science and engineering. This field blends together engineering practises and principles to biological knowledge and can be used in various industrial and other settings.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is perhaps the most sought-after branch of engineering, given how vast and useful it is. This degree focuses on understanding, designing and developing infrastructure in a variety of industries, both private and public. Students learn project planning, design, construction management, budgeting, etc. and can find careers in any of these segments and industries.

Computer Science

One of the most popular STEM subjects that is growing exponentially every year is computer science. This discipline focuses on the study of computers and computational systems. Students are taught the theory, design , development and application of various types of software through programming languages and other such subjects.

Data Science

A relatively new field in STEM, data science is a field that focuses on understanding data and using it to find insights, patterns and predictions about various aspects of the world. Data science can be used in virtually any sector such as business, banking, mass media, communications, finance, economics, etc. wherein data is analysed and decisions are taken based on conclusions drawn from the same. This is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements from mathematics, machine learning, business, economics, research, and many more.

Mechanical Engineering 

Engineering has always been an extremely popular degree for STEM students, and mechanical engineering is one that has been in demand for quite a few decades now. This course focuses on understanding, designing and maintaining machinery. Students are taught principles of design, construction and industrial machines. Mechanical engineers can go on to work with automobiles, aircrafts, heavy vehicles or any other industrial machinery.

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